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Protest in Iran is not weakening, says Shirin Ebadi

Posted on the March 3rd, 2010

In an interview last week with France24, Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi said she does not share the view that the resistance in Iran is growing weak (Feb 23, 2010).

The Iranian lawyer said that the protest movement is “as strong as ever” but is now varying in its forms. The interviewer asked Ebadi what could cause the present regime to yield to the resistance. Ebadi responded:

What exasperates this regime really is that the demonstrations are continuing and they are continuing to be extremely peaceful in the protests, and they are not giving the state any excuses to justify its violence.

Moreover, amongst the religious authorities there are very strong disagreements. A great number of the clerics have taken a position in favor of the people and are protesting against the government, and have condemned the violence of government saying that this could lead to the fall of the regime which would be harmful to all the authorities including the clergy, and they are taking a stand against violence. This disagreement among the clergy is very important.

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