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To Facebook or not to Facebook

Posted on the January 12th, 2010

That is the question. Sort of.

Last month I read an enraged protest against the decision of Facebook’s CEO,  Mark Zuckerberg, to alter the site’s privacy settings (read about it here). I felt a little outraged myself, so I forwarded the article to friends and family, as a warning.

A few weeks later while visiting something or other in Rome, I bumped into a young Italian friend who is a communications designer and an activist in digital rights — he was one of the select that I had forwarded the enraged protest to. When I mentioned it, he shrugged and said, more or less, “the privacy issue is not something that’s very important to me.”

Hmmm. There’s that younger generation with that different values set that I’ve been hearing about.

Today I spotted this post by David Weinberger on his JoHo the blog about the Facebook conundrum. What he says and the reader comments are interesting and informative on the various issues involved.

But what to do? I’m just as perplexed as poor old Hamlet. (And I really like playing Brain Buddies!)

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