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(First) Occasional U.S. news media round-up on presidential race

Posted on the June 10th, 2008

One day after becoming the Democratic Party’s nominee, Senator Obama reportedly read the riot act (wild applause!) to one wayward Senator in particular (“Obama Confronts Lieberman On McCain Advocacy, Tone, on Senate Floor” ABC News, June 05, 2008), read here:

Sen. Joe Lieberman, the self-described “Independent Democrat” who caucuses with the Democratic party in the Senate even though he has endorsed Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz, got some tough talk from Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, yesterday…

More on this, plus some, from DailyKos here.

  • Losing the press

Article about how Senator Obama and Senator Clinton eluded press corps and photographers in getting together for their first, post-primaries meeting (“Two Rivals Sneak Away to Meet, and the Hunt Is On” The New York Times, June 7, 2008). As a first, major indicator of changin’ times, note the beginning words of the third line of this paragraph:

Finally, as Mr. Obama was headed back to Chicago on a private plane and Mrs. Clinton had returned to her home, another rarity took place. A joint statement was issued by representatives of the two senators, but sent out by Mr. Obama’s staff. Those words, perhaps, were the first cooperative undertaking since the presidential race began six seasons ago.

  • How she lost it

A fascinating 10-minute video report looking back at “the Democratic primary battle and what went wrong for Hillary Rodham Clinton” from two staffers at The New York Times here (June 4, 2008).

  • Obama behind the scenes

A video (below) giving an inside look at a relaxed Senator Obama talking to campaign staffers when he returned home to Chicago on Friday after clinching the nomination.

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Want to see an Iowan in its natural habitat? Here’s one

Posted on the January 3rd, 2008

He’s columnist David Yepsen of Iowa’s Des Moines Register. And for those who aren’t political junkies (USA), this interview with TV talk show host Charlie Rose may be largely gobbledygook. But for those who do take an interest in the internal workings of the U.S. presidential primary season, the drilling down into detail done here may be of interest. The interview also is timely (for the next eight hours or so, at least) given that the Iowa caucuses are being held today.

Rose and Yepsen talk about Democratic candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, and who’s saying what, who’s listening and how Iowans may be responding. There is also some discussion about the leading Republican candidates, Mitt Romney, John McCain, and the Iowa surprise, Mike Huckabee. (I found this video on HuffingtonPost.com)

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