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bookglutton.com: an excellent idea

Posted on the January 30th, 2008

This website for people who enjoy reading is an ingenious combination of online reader, public library and discussion meeting place. And it’s free. Creators Travis Alber and Aaron Miller, according to their About page, “set out to create a better way to read on-line; our goal was to make something different, engaging, intelligent and digital.”

After watching the introductory video (below), I signed up and did a test run. You can search the Find A Book section by either title or author, or you can browse the website’s entire collection alphabetically via either of these categories. All went smoothly, no glitches, no delays. The instructions are simple and clear, even for those of us prone to user error.

The website also is pleasingly democratic. Reading groups are available for those who like that sort of thing, or the reader can opt for solitude and read all on his or her lonesome.

Highly recommended!

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