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Picturing the poor: Guardian’s new global development page

Posted on the September 15th, 2010

In partnership with the Gates Foundation, the Guardian newspaper is launching a new section focusing exclusively on global development.

According to editorsweblog.org, where I found this info (Stefanie Chernow, Sept 14, 2010):

The site will mainly focus on the progress that the world’s governments are making towards reaching the millennium development goals. These objectives include eradicating hunger and poverty, universal primary education, gender equality, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, fighting AIDS, ensuring global sustainability, and encouraging a global partnership for development…

And from a Guardian blog post about the new development section:

So, for instance, you can find the amount of aid each country has pledged so far this year, or the latest figures for people living under $1 a day, or the amount of emergency funding that Congo received this year. Just enter the search term and you will get the data.

To see the new Guardian development section, go here. Below is a video about the project narrated by Madeleine Bunting, associate editor and columnist for the Guardian.

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