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Evan Williams explains “the whole web is dead thing” (pretty well)

Posted on the January 5th, 2011

If there’s anyone who isn’t feeling a bit steamrollered by a Web of Infinite Info, as GigaOM terms it, they must still be pounding away only on a typewriter and reading only at their local library.

As a help to the rest of us, last week Om Malik posted a Q&A interview on GigaOm with Internet entrepreneur and Twitter co-founder Evan Williams (“Ev Williams: The Challenges of a Web of Infinite Info”  Dec. 29, 2010).

The questions are wide-ranging. One I especially like was about the often seen quip by some these days that “the web is dead.”

Excerpt from Williams’ response:

What’s “dead” is the original model of the web, which was completely distributed and decentralized. In the beginning, it was like a million little islands, some of them were bigger islands. If you create something on the web, you’re your own island and you try to get people to visit your island.

Websites realized they couldn’t create everything themselves so they started to import things…

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