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Politicos talk but Greek people find their own remedy

Posted on the April 7th, 2010

Who says Greeks don’t know how to manage their money? An article by Bulgarian journalist Vladimir Simeonov last week at presseurop describes how residents in northern Greece are flowing across the border into southern Bulgaria in order to beat the increasingly high prices in their own country (“Welcome the Greeks bearing euros” April 01 2010).

Bulgaria’s two small towns of Sandanski and Petric are welcoming the influx of euros, according to Simeonov:

Over the last few weeks, the two border towns have literally been invaded by Greek shoppers, who throng cafes and restaurants, and queue up to visit doctors and dentists. In an apt illustration of the adage, “It’s a ill wind that blows no good,” Bulgarian traders are rubbing their hands with glee. ‘I can’t say we are delighted about our neighbours economic problems,’ explains one business owner, ‘but without them we would be going under too…

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