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Butterfly beauty fluttering away

Posted on the March 13th, 2008

In Britain, according to Sir David Attenborough, more than 75 percent of the country’s butterfly species are in decline (“Attenborough launches project to stem butterfly decline” by Jessica Aldred, The Guardian online, March 13, 2008). Sir David made the statement during his announcement yesterday of the proposed construction of a sanctuary called Butterfly World.

Excerpt from the Guardian article:

Six of these species have lost more than 50% of their distribution, the report, from the charity Butterfly Conservation, found. A further 15% have suffered distribution decreases of more than 30%, including formerly widespread butterflies such as the dingy skipper, small pearl-bordered fritillary, wall and grayling.

The reason I am posting this heads-up about the The Guardian article is primarily because of the photo series accompanying the piece. Ten shots of the exquisite moths that leave no doubt about their beauty, see here.

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