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Simon’s cat may make you giggle

Posted on the March 7th, 2008

About a year ago, my brother Sam and his wife Andrea rescued a stray kitten and took it home. They named it Josie and, overnight, this cat took full and imperial possession of the house and all its contents, including the two owners. Or so it seemed to me, judging by the deluge coming my way of cute-cat-anecdote-filled e-mails, and photos of the four-legged, furry thing.

Most cat owners seem to go this route, from what I’ve seen. Not so many of them, though, are as creative and funny in expressing the enslavement as Simon Tofield of tandenfilms.com. He’s creating some Simon’s Cat videos that seem to be on their way to increasing popularity on Youtube. (I spotted this video in the Videos section of Technorati.com)

You can join the crowd, if you have a couple of minutes, and find out what a desperate Simon does to get indoors for breakfast:

UPDATE: Josie’s owners wrote me, after reading this post, and informed me that his name is spelled Josey with a y. PassingComments regrets the error.

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