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EngageMedia.org offers a home for the spirit of protest

Posted on the February 16th, 2008

An Australian website, EngageMedia.org describes itself as a “video sharing site distributing works about social justice and environmental issues.”

The website’s geographical focus is South East Asia, Australia and the Pacific, according to the website. It offers online space for documentaries and artistic and experimental works that “challenge the dominance of the mainstream media.”

Most prominent on the website are the many serious documentary videos exploring serious issues. The three very short pieces I chose to post below, however, are representative of the animation and artistic videos featured on EngageMedia.

The first, “Why Democracy is Better?,” is bitingly funny. The second, “Artex and the swamp of sorrow-neverending sadness,” employs the simplest of elements, but delivers its message with a heartbreaking punch. And the third, “A Life in the Day of a Cycle Courier,” is a ingenious combination of realism and fantasy that highlights a complex challenge in life.

“Why Democracy is Better” by sarah jane woulahan (last modified 2007-08-23): short animation compares and contrasts autocracy, monarchy and democracy. Created by Mat Blackwell.

“Artex and the swamp of sorrow-neverending sadness” by SquatSpace (last modified 2008-02-14): winner of SF06, it retell the story of the dying horse of the neverending story.

“A Life in the Day of a Cycle Courier” by Robbie McEwan (last modified 2007-09-25): Sarah is a Cycle Courier chasing the money, but can she put a price on her freedom?

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