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Italy’s Padoa-Schioppa talks to the Financial Times

Posted on the December 21st, 2007

Interesting short video interview here with Italy’s Minister for Economics and Finance (“TOMMASO PADOA-SCHIOPPA talks to Martin Wolf — The Italian Finance Minister discusses market turmoil”, Financial Times, Dec 20, 2007). Padoa-Schioppa talks about the Euro-zone, various key issues at present, and how Europe is being affected by what’s happening in world market conditions.

Toward the end of the nine-minute talk, interviewer Martin Wolf complimented Padoa-Schioppa on recent improvement in Italy’s economy, describing it as “remarkably successful on the fiscal side.” In response, the Italian minister agreed that he is “much more comfortable” with Italy’s situation now than a year and a half ago, saying that Italy is “out of the financial emergency.”

Answering Wolf’s question about Italy’s situation at present in “what may be a very turbulent world economy,” Padoa Schioppa said that the “recent turbulence doesn’t seem to hit Italy in any significant sense.”

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