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Will Tzipi Livni become Israel’s second woman PM?

Posted on the September 18th, 2008

The Christian Science Monitor has an article on Tzipi Livni’s primary victory yesterday that has put her in line to become Israel’s new prime minister (“Can Livni clean up Israeli politics?” by Ilene R. Prusher, Sept 19, 2008).

Prusher offers a look at Livni’s political history and what kind of change she may or may not represent for her country’s policies. Livni has been compared by some to Barack Obama and his message of change, according to the article, but some experts quoted in the piece say this is a false analogy.

For another assessment and close-up look at Livni and some of her recent work in relation to negotiating with the Palestinians, below is an analysis from Daniel Levy in an interview today with the Real News Network (“Livni poised to be next Israeli PM” Sept 18, 2008):

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